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Gentlemen, ladies; the individual in the attached photo is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, otherwise known as Bobrisky. She is a boy! Born into a polygamous family of three wives, and the [...]

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10 Signs You Are Wasting Your Life

  Welcome to another edition of practical knowledge and common sense. In this episode, you will be informed of certain easily neglected signs which are indicators of time wasting. [...]

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5 Soft Skills Thay Can Change Your Life Forever

We can succeed more with people if we master and apply certain skills in our daily dealings with other human beings. From personal experiences, I have learnt that [...]

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Five Lessonss I Learnt Consulting for the Rich

Since learning the fundamentals of financial intelligence in 2012 – thanks to legendary authors who inspired me – I have vigorously pursued true knowledge and wisdom; which has [...]

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Does Jungle Justice Really Battle Injustice?

Civilisation is a big scam. Formal education, and its precedent socialisation have failed. Today, more than ever, the primordial brutality of man’s barbarity is at an unmatched peak. [...]

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Nobody But You Hates You

Every now and then, I’d see someone post some crap about their perceived haters. It would seem every insignificant Joe or idle Ann has some serious haters. Be [...]

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Top 5 Regrets of Dying People

As patients lie on their death beds, drawing fleeting breaths, doctors have taken time to ask them what their major regret in life was. Different people regret different [...]

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Must Read Book for Students “The Hidden Treasures of Campus Life”

Over 1,500,000 Nigerian students are currently seeking admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions – universities mostly. But how many of these students – most of the teenagers – know [...]

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Love Hate Paradox

Woe to the mortal That hates to love And loves to hate   Like Cupid We must learn to love love Like Aphrodite We must learn to hate hate   I really hate to love the fact [...]

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A Wonderful World

He that says nature is not wonderful Knows nothing at all For the knowledge of such a fool Can fit into the tea cup of a seagull   Green hills and White Mountains Blue [...]

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