Does Jungle Justice Really Battle Injustice?

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Civilisation is a big scam. Formal education, and its precedent socialisation have failed. Today, more than ever, the primordial brutality of man’s barbarity is at an unmatched peak.

We may forgive the caveman for yanking people’s wives from their hands, squaring off against perceived rivals without considering the aftermath, and for his general perverse aggression. But can we also forgive the jet age man; the android millennial, for recurrent irrationality? Does jungle justice counter injustice?


An individual raises alarm in a crime infested locale. Instantly, people are unleashed on the suspected criminal. In that moment, common sense is exiled, self-control evaporates and emotions fume. The suspected offender is clubbed to near death, coma or status epilepticus before being set ablaze.

Interestingly, people watch this horror. Taking snapshots and sometimes live video coverage, people jubilate as the aroma human barbeque fill the air. Even vampires and ogres must be shocked!

We often say “revenge is a dish best served cold”, but that’s a lie. In the case of jungle justice, it is served VERY HOT, and garnished with petrol and rubber tires. A comprehensive drilling is the appetizer while a match stick is the dessert.

In places like Ikorodu, it’s all about criminal exorcism; the burning of witches and wizards. One would however ask: Are the real witches and wizards getting burnt?


Let’s be honest. If you have never been extorted or intimidated at gunpoint, you will never support JJ. But if that one-eyed cold still has ever looked you in the forehead – loaded or not – while you suffer great losses, you may not mind roasting criminals.

But here are the problems of JJ:

– No individual has the right to take another’s life.
– Even if it were ok, there is usually not fair trial.
– Some victims are often innocent.
– Decent individuals with mean faces, black lips, tattoos, ripped muscles an whatnot could easily get lynched.
– Lastly, the sight is horrible.


– The people who do these are often religious people.
– They will advise you when you seek advice online.
– They act civil in banks, ATMs . . .
– Generally, that niceness is there.

Once a shrilling “Thief! Ole!!” pierces the air, everything changes:

– Sanity evaporates.
– Emotions coagulate.
– Brutality ressurects.
– Homo sapiens become homo habilis.

Machetes, hammers, 2X4 planks, stilettoes, bricks, pots, timber and all forms of hideous agents of pain come to work.

The flames paint the skies with black as The Empyrean Umpire receives – in just a matter of minutes – what He spent nine months designing.

And when all is reduced to dust, darkness and debris, the soul lying under the heap of rubble MAY just be a decent dude whose only crime was black lips and a thuggish scar on the face which he got on surviving a brutal accident years ago!

Perhaps, wifey and children are at home waiting for the return of daddy who went to work on a building site several cities away. Hmmmm!

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