I’ve been viewing pro wrestling since my eyes opened as a
kid – thanks to brothers who were nuts about the show. In all these years, I’ve
seen performers of various sizes.

The powerhouses – Big Show, Andre the Giant, Mark Henry, Big
Boss Man, Rikishi, The Wyatts, Gorilla Monsoon . . . .

The Irokos – The Great Khali, Kane, Psycho Sid, The
Undertaker . . .

The Big Muscle devils – Scot Steiner, Brock Lesnar,
Goldberg, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Triple H, Ultimate Warrior . . .

The master ring technicians – Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam,
Bret Heart, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, CM Punk,

The dare devil high flyers – Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio,
Tajiri, Eddie Guerrero and Sin Cara. . .

The small guys – Hornswoggle . . .


Yea. Shawn Michaels can easily spring to his feat like a
Chinese even when he has a battered bloody face. Jeff Hardy will fearlessly
leap from the highest ladder to smash into an opponent. Heavy or not, one or
two, John Cena will lift and slam the shit out of you.

Not finished here. RVD will redefine you with martial arts.
Mick Foley will take any amount of pain you will bring. Experience or not, The
Undertaker will give you a fearful ride. Tripple H will humble you. Rey
Mysterio will do the mysterious as only he can do, and win! Randy Orton can
deliver the RKO anytime and Edge can win anywhere. And no one has more agility
than Shelton Benjamin!

But what do these guys have in common? What is the one thing
about a WWE superstar that makes success somewhat easier?


From the pre-match promo to the action itself, every
wrestler has an interesting way of intimidating his opponent. A good time to
see this at its peak is when Wrestlemania is around the corner.

They stand toe to toe, nose to nose, and spit fire into each
other’s eyes. Beyond fear of record and respect for accomplishments, even the
newbies push the veterans to the limit. Consider their entrance to the ring
prior to a match:

Undertaker ascends from the depths of hell

Shawn Michaels descends from the clouds of

Rey Mysterio erupts from under the stage like an

Triple H carts in like a mediaeval monarch set
to kill

John Cena bursts into the stage in a brand new

Ric Flair waltz into the ring lie a untouchable
Roman nobleman

Hulk Hogan rushes into the ring in a frenzy

JBL drives to the ring like an American

Kane finds his way to the ring through fire

Stone Cold walks to the ring looking furious

The Rock literally walks like he owns the

Mickie James bounces to the ring; cheerful as an

Beth Phoenix arrives like the fierce amazon she


You have to act confident even if
you are scared. Fear gives you no chance at success at all. I don’t care if
you’re hawking carrots or speaking to huge audience or approaching superior
authority,  you must at least appear
courageous enough.

Swag is dope. Class is king. But CONFIDENCE is