The 4 Levels of
Mastery: Where Do You Belong?

We all fall under one category in practically every aspect
of their lives. The fourth echelon is where everyone should strive to be.

Level 1: Unconscious

Here, you don’t know and don’t know you don’t know. You do
not even know you are inadequate. This is a mental emergency! Absolute
rehabilitation is very necessary before ignorance kills the individual. A
novice, you are!

Level 2: Conscious

Now you know that you don’t know. This is where you usually
put in some efforts to become a better person, to learn the things you don’t
know, to upgrade on your knowledge deficiencies. Salvation isn’t from this
point. A learner, you are!

Level 3: Conscious

Having improved your abilities, you now know that you know.
Here, you strike a punch knowing which teeth will fall of your opponent’s jaw;
you cut the cloth knowing the exact shape to expect; you dissect the patient
knowing what organ lies underneath each slice. A practitioner, you are!

Level 4: Unconscious

You are now so skilled in your art that you do not even know
what you possess is a skill. You create beauty effortlessly from within without
wasting energy. You grab the microphone happiness flows; you pick a pen and
magic happens; even blind, the keys of the piano obey and demons dance to the
melody; you handle flour and eternal pastries appear; you simply see the end
even before the beginning begins. A master, you are!

Level 1 happens to us for most of childhood. Later, most
people realize that they are at Level 2. However, not everyone attempts to
enter Level 3 which is the cut-off mark for survival on earth.

And very certainly, only a rare few, perhaps less than 1%
actually attain Level 4 which hardly comes without 10 years of consistent

Where the heck are you? Have you even discovered any skill,
talent or interest in you? Drag yourself to Level 4!!!