GoldHorse Lubricants Could Be All You Need

Tired of servicing your vehicle
every week at the mechanic workshop? Perhaps your car is such a regular guest
at the mechanic workshop that people are beginning to wonder whether you bought
a fairly used vehicle from a fifth user.

Maybe you have to constantly deal
with the embarrassment of having to stop and push your car almost every time
you hit the streets. Of course, you will have to spend money every time a
country man or woman helps you push the ailing vehicle. Like they say, “Nothing
goes for nothing”.

Oh. Maybe there was this event
that you and your family had been invited to in city that lies a little bit far
away from your area of domicile. A dinner party perhaps. And halfway to the
destination, the vehicle begins to give out uncomfortable fumes which would
choke everyone in the vehicle if the vehicle was not brought to a halt.

You check the fuel tank, it’s
filled with petrol. There is enough oil but the oil just looked like steaming
water. You just got screwed by that non-branded lubricant you bought for
peanuts at the street corner.

Has any such thing ever happened
to you? Perhaps even worse? Then it’s time to get a decent engine oil because
your engines deserve long life. And so do you!

What Do You Watch Out For?

First, do not buy any lubricant
that is not associated with any brand. No matter how cheap an engine oil might
be, it is not worth risking your vehicle or even your life, for any reason.

Second stick to the brands that
have the basic essentials every true engine oil must have. No matter the
advertising, popularity or packaging in the market, every true lubricant must
have the following salient features:

ü  Anti-corrosion

ü  Fuel

ü  Extended

ü  Engine

Interestingly, GoldHorse
Lubricants and a few others in the industry can boast of these features! And
while only a few can offer consumers this quality of service, GoldHorse engine
oil gives you all of this solutions at one of the most competitive prices in
the industry.

From Personal Observation

Lubricants is looking to make a mark in the engine oil and lubricant sphere. To
do this, her management has communicated a desire to make the change through
affordable quality. This is evident in the competitive pricing of the oil and
the quality of value users get from it. We can only hope this continues.
GoldHorse can be reached at No. 450 Port Harcourt Road, Aba, Abia State or
through email ( and
phone (08106813687)

I have not had too many embarrassment wwith engine oils, I am not in a hurry to
have any sour experience any time soon. I chose GoldHorse because I have tested
her products, trust her commitment to excellence and they give me quality at
the best rate in the market.