Secrets of Millionaire Students is arguably the first book of its kind – a practical guide on how students can maximize college days by building millionaire connections, developing millionaire skills, starting millionaire businesses, and becoming millionaires even before graduating from college. Illustrated with eyebrow-raising facts, spiced with teeth-crunching sarcasms, saturated by trailblazing strategies, and personified with real life experiences from graduates, reading the book becomes very easy. This book is for you if you want to:

•    Make important connections in college
•    Discover millionaire opportunities in college
•    Start a successful side hustle on campus
•    Build a global brand at minimal cost
•    Become a campus born millionaire
•    Graduate like a boss!

While it will be launched on April 27th, 2018 – as the author celebrates his birthday – readers who cannot wait can pre-order review copies I have made these copies available for readers anywhere in the world. (Book now launched and available)
Also included is a report on some 100+ websites students and fresh graduates can earn decent money; resources that have made countless students millionaires! Of course, some lucky 3 persons will get FREE one-on-one life coaching session on chosen topics as well as business/wealth creation strategies.
To get your copy, follow these steps:

Deposit or Transfer N1,000 to the bank account below:
Account Number: 00 11 39 35 85

After payment, send a message to my email ( or phone (ZERO SEVEN ZERO THREE EIGHT FOUR ONE TWO FIVE THREE FIVE) containing:
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