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Stanley Imoisili, a super inquisitive seeker of pratical knowledge and profitable wisdom. His search for techniques that make life fulfilling has seen him travel over 40 cities in 3 continents; written over 1000 articles since 2006; published 5 books in the last 5 years; spoken to a combine audience of over 6 million across all events and platform.
Born with some polymath tendencies, Stanley developed and pursued interests in a lot of things which includes medicine, writing, speaking, entrepreneurship, tourism, human behaviour, nature, philosophy and comedy.

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Consulting 92%

Strategy 95%

Public speaking86%

Life coach 95%

Comedy 75%

Writer 97%


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Stanley has already published a few books aimed at providing solutions to staggering minds.
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Stanley Imoisili

Secrets of millionaire studenets

Stanley Imoisili

The hidden treasures of campus life

Stanley Imoisili

Waves of emotion

Stanley Imoisili

Waves of emotion